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Using PPGIS/VGI to Identify Public Land Values


Public lands provide a wide range of values—ecological, socio-cultural, and economic—but methods to identify and measure the social and cultural values of public lands are underdeveloped. PPGIS/VGI methods can be used to to identify and quantify the social and cultural values associated with different types of public land, ranging from national parks and reserves, to multiple-use lands. In 2014, researchers at the University of Queensland and the University of South Australia, in cooperation with Parks Victoria, conducted a PPGIS study to identify public land values and preferences in Victoria, Australia. Over 35,000 landscape value and land use preference locations were mapped by study participants (n=1,905). The spatial data was analyzed by public land type, IUCN classification, and a Parks Victoria "level of protection" management scheme. Social landscape metrics were also generated to quantify the distribution of values by individual public land units based on value abundance, richness, diversity, and the potential for management conflict. For visualization, an internet website was created to display some of the spatial results as overlays on Google Maps. A techinical report was written and is available for download here. A journal article was also written that describes the study results and is available here.

Click on the map image below to go to the map viewer website:

Victoria PPGIS Map Viewer

For more information about the study, contact Greg Brown.