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What is ISPM? 

The International Society of Participatory Mapping (ISPM) is an association of like-minded scholars, practitioners, and activists who are invested in the integrity and accuracy of participatory mapping and data collection, as well as, the equitable distribution of knowledge between the global socio-economic divides. To ensure that geospatial data, tools, and knowledge remain free and open to those in the Global South, ISPM members commit their membership dues to helping foster intercultural and educational events and travel grants for those normally unable to participate in international events, conferences, and exchanges.

Benefits of Joining  ISPM?

ISPM remains committed to making geospatial data and information on participatory planning open and free to all. As a result, non-members will always have access to our website content, maps, forums, conferences, and publications. Members of ISPM benefit from:

  • Connection with an ideologically driven community that is invested in the equitable exchange of information, knowledge, and data between the Global North and South;
  • Access to the Executive Board and Special Advisory Committee, comprising of the top scholars and practitioners in the field of GIS and Participatory Mapping;
  • Discounted fares to all ISPM and affiliated conferences, workshops, and teach-ins;
  • Monthly updates that include job postings, meetups, first-call for journal proposal abstracts, and special access to software.

Membership Application

Please complete this Google Form to submit your application for membership with the ISPM. Once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation message by email.

Cost of Membership

The annual price of membership is on a sliding scale. An extra $1.50USD is charged for handling and processing fees. To ensure equal opportunity across socio-economic lines, ISPM is willing to partially waive the membership fee. Please fill out this form if you need a membership fee waiver.

Otherwise, membership fees are:

Professional    $50.00USD                           

Student  $25.00USD

Please ensure that you have completed the membership form – this is separate from payment of membership dues .

The ISPM takes Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. The ISPM’s membership dues and budget are public, all inquiries can email the Interim Treasurer, Charla M. Burnett, at contact[at]