Donate to ISPM

The Society’s objectives are to encourage and support the development, experimentation, evaluation, and application of participatory mapping methods globally in order to foster interaction and research in this scientific field, and to coordinate with other organizations in the study of participatory processes, mapping, and quantitative analyses. The Society places a strong emphasis on fostering opportunities between the Global North and South in order to promote a more equitable distribution of knowledge and resources.

The distribution between high and low-income countries is still pronounced. As a result, technological advancements and education are leaving nearly half the population behind. ISPM promotes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including a commitment to island nations and those impacted by climate change. To support this effort, ISPM will support research and travel grants for those working on these topics and those locally embedded in marginalized communities across the globe.

We hope those who can invest will invest in a future where the brightest minds in spatial technology have a chance to share their innovation and stories. Donations to ISPM go entirely to grants, learning and research opportunities, and the cost of the website which acts as a data dump for participatory mapping data worldwide. To support ISPM’s mission, donate below: