About ISPM

The mission of the International Society on Participatory Mapping (ISPM)

The Society’s objectives are to encourage and support the development, experimentation, evaluation, and application of participatory mapping methods globally in order to foster interaction and research in this scientific field, and to coordinate with other organizations in the study of participatory processes, mapping, and quantitative analyses. The Society places a strong emphasis on fostering opportunities between the Global North and South in order to promote a more equal distribution of knowledge and resources.

These purposes are to be carried out by:

  • Facilitating global communications,
  • Providing academic assistance with ideas, methods, and contacts,
  • Sponsoring international conferences for the exchange of ideas and dissemination of results,
  • Encouraging special purpose workshops and student knowledge exchanges,
  • Publishing the electronic newsletter, and
  • Encouraging an environment of international colleagueship and friendship across the globe.


The Official Bylaws outline the organizational structure of the Society.